1. atensari

    عالمی تناظر، پاکستان میں طالبانئزیشن

    ????? ???? ???? @ 33:45??????? ??? ??????????? ?? ??????????? http://www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?164746-Dr-Israr-s-RA-visit-to-Afghan-amp-describing-Political-system-Of-Taliban-Government
  2. M Ali Khan

    German man regrets joining Taliban

    German Taliban 'put off by dirt and violence' Published: 2 Nov 12 07:41 CET A German man who ran away to join the Taliban told a court this week how he had a horrible time in the Pakistani borderlands and was happy to be back home – even though he now faces a prison term...
  3. sarbakaf

    Homosexual's Parties in Lahore - We are crying about talibanization what about this extremeism ?