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  1. Q

    SC finds discrepancies in Imran Niazi's money trail to Banigala land

    ISLAMABAD: Serious discrepancies have been found in the money trail provided by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan regarding the purchase of more than 300 kanals in Banigala on which the politician has built his house. A three-judge bench of apex court headed by Chief Justice...
  2. eye-eye-PTI

    Imran Khan Arrives at Supreme Court to Attend Panama JIT Report

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  3. S

    Akram Sheikh Discloses his legal fee for defending Sharif family

    Veteran lawyer Akram Sheikh disclosed the fee he charged from the ruling Sharing family for representing them in Supreme Court in the purview of Panama case. In an interview to Channel 24 on Tuesday, Akram clarified that he did not take a single penny for defending Hassan and Hussain Nawaz...
  4. Zain Itrat

    Introduction to New CJ Saqib Nisar

    Fwd as Received: A Love Affair! When Nawaz Sharif and his party launched an attack on the Supreme Court in 1997, back then Mian Saqib Nisar was Federal Law Secretary --------------- 1997: It was for the 1st time in the history of #Pakistan that some one from the Bar had been appointed as...
  5. Wadaich

    NS is Moving Heaven & Earth to Reach out to CJ & Judges to Influence/Buy them at all Cost; Dawn Inqu

  6. Wadaich

    Civilians can be trialed in military courts: Supreme Court

    ISLAMABAD: (APP) The Supreme Court on Tuesday adjourned hearing of the case regarding conviction of a civilian by the military court and remarked that civilians can be trialed by the military court. The court remarked that the five-member larger bench of the apex court in its ruling had...
  7. 3rd_Umpire

    وزیر اعظم ھاؤس کے ٹُو ٹے فرش

    پاکستانی میڈیا اور بہتان تراش پاکستانی عوام ھمارے مقبول وزیر اعظم نواز شریف کے بارے میں نہ جانے کیا کیا خرافات منہ سے بَک رھے ھیں، اس منفی پروپیگنڈا میں ایک پاگل جس کا نام عمران خان ھے، ان سب کا سر پنچ بنا بیٹھا ھےجو نواز شریف جیسے مسکین صورت والے بندے کے بارے میں یہ کہہ رھے ھیں کہ وہ مغل شہنشاہ...
  8. M Ali Khan

    Reko Diq: Pakistan's $10 billion problem

    HYPERNATIONALISM AND HYSTERIA CAUSED THE REKO DIQ DISPUTE. NOW BRACE YOURSELVES FOR THE IMPACT. by Feisal Naqvi Shah Marai—AFP Unless Pakistan manages to somehow reach a settlement in the Reko Diq copper mine case, it may well get poorer by at least $10 billion. While Prime Minister Nawaz...
  9. RiazHaq

    Pakistan Supreme Court Contempt Hearing Against Imran Khan Reminiscent of McCarthy Era "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" asked Joseph N. Welch in responding to the accusatory US Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950s as part of the Army–McCarthy hearings. The...
  10. A

    Prepare policy on missing-persons: SC orders Federal Govt

    Masood Janjua went missing in 2004 from Rawalpindi and since then, there had been no clue about his whereabouts. The only hope brought in for his wife Amina was the statement given by Imran Munir in 2009, that he saw Janjua in the custody of Brigadier Saeed. PHOTO: FILE. ISLAMABAD: The Supreme...
  11. RiazHaq

    Why Did Supreme Court Reject Drones Plea? Is Malala Day a Missed Opportunity? Discussion at Viewpoint from Overseas focused on two events last week: 1. Malala Day at the United Nations and 2. Pakistani Supreme Court's refusal to hear a petition against US drone strikes in FATA. 1. Malala Day...
  12. K

    Double standard of Honorable Supreme Court !

    28th of Feb "The Supreme Court dismissed on Wednesday the Election Commission of Pakistans plea to defer its observations regarding the delimitation of Karachis electoral constituencies, saying it was based on misleading and misconceived grounds."...
  13. Pak1stani


    Dr Shahid Masood ‏@Shahidmasooddr Why RED MOSQUE MOLVI Sb AGAINST CJ?After massive damage during Military Operation in Red Mosque by Mush..It was reconstruted by Bahria Town.
  14. W

    بلوچستان میں راہداریوں اور ایف سی کمانڈن&#

    بلوچستان میں راہداریوں اور ایف سی کمانڈنٹ کی چھٹیوں کی منسوخی کی رپورٹ طلب ، مزید نہیں رہناچاہتے : ایف سی وکیل ، یہ حکومت کو بتائیں : سپریم کورٹ کوئٹہ (مانیٹرنگ ڈیسک) ایف سی کے وکیل نے بلوچستان سے متعلق عدالت میں اپنا بیان ریکارڈ کرادیاہے جبکہ سپریم کورٹ نے سیکرٹری دفاع سے راہداریوں کی تفصیلات...
  15. W

    Foreign Ministry's Secret Funds Frozen - سپریم کورٹ نے وزارت ِاطلاعات کاخفی&

    سپریم کورٹ نے وزارت ِاطلاعات کاخفیہ فنڈ منجمد کردیا 06 ستمبر 2012 (19:50) کوئٹہ(مانیٹر نگ ڈیسک) سپریم کورٹ میں میڈیا کے احتساب کے لیے کمیشن بنانے کی درخواست پر عبوری حکم کے تحت وزارت اطلاعات کے سیکرٹ فنڈبارہ ستمبر تک منجمدکرنے کاحکم دے دیاہے ۔ حامد میر اور ابصار عالم کی درخواست کی سماعت...
  16. Focus

    Focus with Waqas Munawar Ep75 - Mushahid Ullah Khan (PML-N) on Extremism, Supreme Court and Issues i

    Focus with Waqas Munawar Ep75 - Mushahid Ullah Khan (PML-N) on Extremism, Supreme Court and Issues in Pakistan
  17. omerkashmiri

    Sohail ahmad ki jurat ko salam--- Javed Chaudhery

  18. Wadaich

    Sacrosanctity of Supreme Court Decisions and Way Forward to Get Rid of Political Heyna

    Dear Forum Members! The sorry state of affair created by the vicious and evil band of Political Mafia (PPP+PMLN+MQM+ANP+JUI), in which verdicts of the Supreme Court have turned into an object of "ridicule", has depressed the nation. We must get out of it. I honestly feel that in case the same...