1. mrcritic

    Introducing the TARANIS - Stealth Combat Super Drone

    THE most secretive piece of airspace in Australia - the RAAF-run Woomera flight test range in South Australia - will make history later this year when the world's first unmanned supersonic stealth combat aircraft makes its maiden test flight above the desert. Extreme secrecy surrounds the...
  2. Amna_Amo

    Super Funny Joke "Second Wife" by Abdur Raheem Green

    Abdur Raheem green delivers a requested Joke on Demand by a Sister..hehehe
  3. WatanDost

    India A super power or A FAILING STATE?

    Is India a Super Power or a Failing StateBy Mohan Guruswamy NEW DELHI, August 4: The term "failed state" entered our lexicon, initially, in the context of Somalia, Afghanistan, and now, increasingly, for Iraq. State authority and power are often confused as being the same. Authority derives...
  4. simple_and_peacefull

    Geo Super is back!

    KARACHI: The wait for sports fans is over. Geo Super, Pakistans first and only sports channel, is back on air after remaining shut for a period of over two months. Today (Wednesday) marked the resumption of transmission of everyones favorite sports channel, which is not only known for...
  5. Skeptic

    Will sub-continent ever be worlds super power? Especially Pakistan

    The 3000years of know history of mankind tells us that it never happened in the past. This human race had never been a dominated race from earliest known BC to modern day AD. They were ruled by various foreigners from the land of rising sun to the land of opportunity. If the history wasnt on...
  6. Lekin

    Lekin - 6th June 2011 - Ahsan Iqbal & Iftikhar Ahmad - USA Is made Super Power by Jamat e Islam??

  7. canadian

    Super Daad' Wants To Score A Century !!!

    Super Daad wants to score a century Nissar Hoath 24 May 2011 MANAMAH (Ajman) Dads the way to go for UAE national Daad Mohammed Al Balushi with 90 children from 17 wives. He also has 50 grandchildren. Another marriage is on the cards in two weeks for the proud father, who says 100 children...
  8. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 7th April 2011 - Azam Sawati - Government has Banned Geo Super's Transmission !!

  9. Muhammad Ikhlaq Siddiqui

    Super Hilarious!!!!!!! Funny Pakistani Student Interview for Visa Comedy

  10. sarmad

    Remember this Facebook made Pakistani Super star - His Pic with Imran Khan

  11. S

    State terrorism by super powers against Libya

    This is called super powers state terrorism against the weaker countries in order to bully, intimidate, dominate, destruct and then reconstruct, destroy first and then rebuild by sending their oil barrons, big building contractors, arm manufactureres, media moguls and big comgmolerates to...