Capital Talk - 7th April 2011 - Azam Sawati - Government has Banned Geo Super's Transmission !!


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The programme was staged for the restrictions of geo super but baber ghauri started advertising for their programme of 10th april in lhr and on the othr hand azam swati started publicity of their protest of 12th april against partitions of hec.

It is called as kidnapping


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All lies............. We all know what MQM did to Jang in Karachi. Also Nawaz govt attitude towards media and in recent past Maulana deisal fight with Geo news.


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Banning " GEO SUPER" will definately backfire , govt will have to withdraw their order otherwise get ready for people's and media backlash. There are lots of reservations about "Devolution of HEC" to provinces because provinces are not ready , they dont have the infrastucture and it will affect the efficiency of HEC.I think HEC should remain with the centre govt as it is to flourish.