1. S

    Have a Look !!Sindh Sports minister Lifestyle

    With the appointment of Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, many new faces shot to fame as they were inducted in provincial cabinet but Sindhs new sports minister simply overshadowed everyone with his stylish looks, branded apparels and extravagant lifestyle. The 28-year-old Sardar Muhammad...
  2. Matie Khan

    Nine Zero visit costs JUI-F resignation by senior party official

    KARACHI: Displeased with Maulana Fazlur Rahman’s visit to MQM headquarters Nine Zero, Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Sindh secretary general Rashid Mehmood Soomro Tuesday resigned from his party post, ARY News reported. According to details, senior members of JUI-F could not stand the visit of...
  3. atensari

    پڑھائی چھوڑو، قرضہ ادا کرو

    ’پڑھائی چھوڑو، قرضہ ادا کرو‘ عمرکوٹ شہر سے باہر ایک پیٹرول پمپ پر چند ریڑھیاں موجود ہیں۔ بھنے ہوئے چنے، مونگ پھلی اور سیو موجود ہیں تھر جانے والی گاڑیاں جب تیل بھروانے کے لیے یہاں آکر رکتی ہیں تو مسافر ان ریڑھی والوں سے یہ اشیا خرید کرتے ہیں۔ ان ریڑھی والوں میں ایک ریڑھی جئے کمار کولھی کی...
  4. Talha Asif

    پنجاب کو دس ہزار کیوسک پانی کی فراہمی

    چشمہ جہلم لنک کینال سے پنجاب کو دس ہزار کیوسک پانی کی فراہمی شروع ممبر ارسا سندھ کا اختلاف اسلام آباد (آئی این پی) ارسا نے پنجاب کو پانی کی فراہمی کے لئے چشمہ جہلم لنک کینال کھول کر پنجاب کو 10ہزار کیوسک پانی کی فراہمی شروع کر دی، لنک کینال کھولنے پر ممبر ارسا سندھ نے اختلافی نوٹ جاری کرتے...
  5. AwamiLog

    Huge natural gas reserves discovered in Sindh

    KARACHI: Huge reserves of natural gas have been discovered in Sindh as Pakistan struggles to overcome crippling energy crisis. According to Geo News report, 39 million cubic feet gas reserves have been discovered during the drilling of wells in Sanghar. The report said 65 percent shares of the...
  6. webnise

    PTI's Tehsil and District Elections in Sindh

    Source: In the interest of internal harmony, the Central Election Commission (CEC) has decided to accept all Nomination Papers or Panels that it has received for the Tehsil and...
  7. L

    How MQM and PPP are dividing Sindh...!!!

    The way Sindh is being divided is an issue that somehow we have managed to forget in our discussions. This is a key issue and yet there is hardly any talk of it. Following is one article I found that I feel sums up a lot of points. This was originally posted at...
  8. W

    ANP, MQM, Sindh and Hazara - Dirty Politics

    اے این پی، سندھ اور ہزارہ مجیب الرحمان شامی سندھ میں پیپلز پارٹی اور متحدہ قومی موومنٹ کے درمیان نئے بلدیاتی نظام (مقامی حکومتوں) کے بارے میں اتفاق رائے نے جہاں سندھ کی قوم پرست جماعتوں کو برا فروختہ کیا ہے، وہاں اے این پی اور فنکشنل مسلم لیگ کو بھی ناراض کر دیا ہے۔ ان سب کا موقف یہ ہے کہ...
  9. ealtaf

    Chairman Imran Khan calls for Governor's rule in Sindh

    Tuesday, September 06, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan has demanded for imposition of Governor’s Rule in Sindh. Talking to the media in Islamabad, Khan said the constitution provides for the imposition of Governor’s rule. He suggested the names of...
  10. I

    PTI VP Sindh Jam Kaim Ali Exclusive Interview with Imran Ghazali Teaser

  11. aamirksa

    Chinese language in schools of Sindh

    KARACHI: The government of Sindh on Sunday decided to launch compulsory teaching of Chinese language from grade six in 2013. The decision took place in a meeting led by the Chief Minister of Sindh Qaim Ali Shah. It was also decided that students learning Chinese will gain extra marks...
  12. maksyed

    The Sindh card backfires

    The Sindh Card Backfires Dr. Jassim Taqui In a surprise move, the former Interior Minister of Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza, a staunch Sindhi nationalists, accused the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik of being "hand in glove with terrorists". He called Malik a "compulsive liar," and "harmful" for...
  13. C

    Breaking News * DG Rangers Sindh has been been removed from his post* for doing operation in Lyari ?

    Breaking News * DG Rangers Sindh has been been removed from his post* for doing operation in Lyari ?
  14. J

    MQM Canada::Expossed The Real Face Of Chakra Goth Fake Operation Of Sindh Police

    ???????? ?? ??? ???
  15. Bilal_Mushi

    May 12 like incident might repeat on Aug 29: AG Sindh

    May 12 like incident might repeat on Aug 29: AG Sindh DAWN.COM The apex court has already summoned Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq, Sindh Chief Secretary Raja Mohammad Abbas and Provincial Police Officer Wajid Ali Khan Durrani through Sindh`s advocate general to submit details of...
  16. KhanHaripur

    SAFMA - Sindh Assembly Dance Party in 2006

    A ceremony organized by SAFMA in the Sindh Assembly Premesis turns into a dance party where renowed personalities of Pakistani politics can be seen dancing with Indian women. Our politicians feel no shame over degrading the moral values of Pakistani culture. The Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly...
  17. falcons

    Governer Sindh Imran Khan or Ishrat-ul-Ibad (article) must read

    گورنر سندھ عمران خان اور عشرت العباد عشرت العباد حقوق العباد کا قائل ہی نہیں۔ اسے کراچی میں مقتولین کے لواحقین کی آہ و بکا سنائی نہیں دیتی۔ اس کے دل میں ہر وقت الطاف بھائی کے فون کی گھنٹیاں کھڑکتی رہتی ہیں۔
  18. S

    Insha allah Army will soon take action to stop genocide of MOHAJIRS in SINDH by this PPP governmen

    Insha allah Army will take action soon to stop genocide of MOHAJIRS in SINDH by this PPP government. ( Spartacus )
  19. L

    Why people trust army? Governor. Army can be called in Karachi. Interior Minister Sindh

    Why people trust army instead of Police? Governor Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad said in a latest statement as Interior minister Sindh Manzoor Wassan said, Kidnapping is rising day by day and law and order is not under control and if police failed to control law and order army can be called in Karachi to...
  20. Aapas Ki Baat

    Apas Ki Baat - 17th August 2011 - Meeting b/w President & Governor Sindh & Pak-US Relationship