1. munaybhai

    Talk show fight -- Conming Soon on Pakistani Talk Shows!

  2. A

    No Kiyani and Altaf bhai in comedy shows ( 4man show,BNN etc) in pakistan. What could be the reason?

    did u people ever notice that our media dont show general kiyani and altaf bhai in comedy shows like khabarnak, hum sab umeed say hain and 4 man show etc. ?? what could be the reason behing this?? don't you think if these two are included our shows could be much more funny because they are the...
  3. biomat

    Islamophobia or truth?? Funny how media shows Muharram Jaloos as Terrorist activity.

  4. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Afridi tells teammates to avoid watching talk shows

    Afridi tells teammates to avoid watching talk shows By PPI Published: March 28, 2011 Captain advises team not to watch news bulletins and talk shows ahead of semi-final as they may distract them. PHOTO: AFP MOHALI: Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has instructed his teammates to...
  5. Fursan

    Taunts in a usual good way on result-less and direction-less talk shows

  6. K

    Poll: Who advocates better for his Part in TV Talk Shows

    Salam, here is a list of some politicians who come on TV talk shows quite often. Kindly rate which of them are more logical or better at defending their and their party's point of view. You can select more than one option. 1 Ahsan Iqbal (PMLN) 2. Fouzia Wahab (PPPP) 3. Waseem Akhtar (MQM)...
  7. A

    POLL: Which Political Talk Shows Do You Watch Regularly?

    We don't have time to watch every show that gets posted daily. So which one's do you watch everyday? Or does it depend on the guest? There are some that I miss at no cost. Let's see which members like the most. You can choose more than one option.