1. Geek

    Army takes partial control of Shamsi base

    ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Army has taken partial control of Shamsi airbase which was used by the CIA to operate drones, highly placed sources told TheNation on Saturday. Sources said matter remains between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates which has taken Shamsi facility for hunting of Houbara...
  2. L

    Shamsi Airbase, its for Bird Hunting or for Pakistanis Hunting

  3. gazoomartian

    US has backup plan if Pakistan shuts Shamsi base: officials,

    Gazoo Notes: I thought they had already vacated!!!! US is trying to demoralize the govt and people. Dawn report WASHINGTON: The United States plans to keep using an airstrip inside Pakistan for non-lethal drone flights against militants near the Afghanistan border despite demands from...
  4. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 4th July 2011 - Discussion on Suspension of DG ISI Zafar Qureshi & Shamsi Air Base &

  5. U

    Sochta Pakistan - 1st July, 2011 - Indefinite delay in US and Pak Strategic Dialogue,Shamsi Base con

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  6. L

    U.S. rejects demands to vacate Shamsi Air Base

    (Reuters) - The United States is rejecting demands from Pakistani officials that American personnel abandon a military base used by the CIA to stage drone strikes against suspected militants, U.S. officials told Reuters. U.S. personnel have not left the remote Pakistani military installation...
  7. QaiserMirza

    UAE Asked America to Return Shamsi Air Base - Wiki Leaks

  8. az.ay

    Pak Army kicks out US forces from Shamsi base / America Denies Reports Pakistan Army sources have confirmed that the airfield was free from the American forces. Pakistan has stopped all US operations from the Shamsi Air Base in Balochistan, an airport which was given to American...