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    Asif Ali Zardari wnt tunn on Mizar E Qaid See the Video

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    Kasur Incident Vs Model Town Incident

    Few days ago in model town v c extream brutality and killing of ppl which is even captured by media cameras .. SS took a notice and made a JC , whos report is never made public , in that report who ever was accused never get any punishment And Now Kasur Incident happened and SS made an other...
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    No Reason This has been removed.

    طالبان کے پیٹی بند بھائی

    http://www.hamariweb.com/articles (سید انور محمود, کراچی) /article.aspx?id=29981
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    Story of Rabia Zia,why she left PTI???

    Story of Rabia Zia,why she left PTI??? It is quite amazing the speed with which old stalwarts like Javed Iqbal .shireen Mazari,Akbar S Babar and Now Rabia Zia left PTI.PTI Youngsters must be confused ,why why why??? its happening. As a man whose spending retired life and seen the ups and...
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    Response to column "Shame on Imran khan"

    Faisal H Naqvi A columnist in Express Tribune wrote an article Titling "Shame on you ,Mr Khan".The Column was very abusive and insulting towards Imran khan.Faisal Naqvi used the most demeaning of language .In response a number of PTI stalwarts written rebuttles to his column.After reading all...
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    Blind Spot of Imran Khan

    Blind Spot of Imran Khan Saifullah Niazi inside his car. Very few People know that when it comes to trusting people PTI chairman Imran khan has a blind spot rather soft belly of PTI from where it can easily be targeted and tarnished. The Name of this blind spot is non other then Saifullah...
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    Great Article on PTI, TALIBAN & LIBERALS (Do Read & Learn)

    Great Article on PTI TALIBAN & LIBERALS BY PTI stalwart Saad Abdullah .I know saad Abdullah from back 1999 when he just got his Master's degree in Politics and was appearing for Civil services Examination .He although cleared CCS but just like Aitizaz Ahsan opted not to become a bureaucratic and...
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    (Interesting Facts)

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    Ex Supreme court bar President Qazi Anwar Joins PTI

    Ex Supreme court bar President Qazi Anwar Joins PTI Ex Supreme court bar President Qazi Muhammad Anwar Joins PTI.According to the details available ,The press conference held by party Chairman Iman khan was especially arranged for Qazi Anwar to declare his association with PTI but due to Khwaja...
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    PML N and PPPP- Hilarious Perody

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    PPPP MQM Separation- Special Report

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    PPPP's MNA Abida Hussain calling Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan "LIAR"

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    PPPP, N League Thug Lain Gay- Hillarious Perody Song

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    protest on justice extention by pppp and asma jahangir. what about this extension??

    he is getting this extension for second time will sindh protest this time?? will asma jahangir protest this time like she did on justice ramday case?? is there not other capable general that we are giving extension to same for two times? what about general pasha performance??? blasts every...
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    PPPP's Govt. 3 Years- Commodities Prices and People Response