1. Asad Varda

    Why Petrol Is So Cheap In Pakistan ?

  2. Wadaich

    Pakistans oil and gas discoveries touch record

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has made the highest number of oil and gas discoveries in the current month as exploration companies found fresh hydrocarbon deposits in six wells that will add 50.1 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) of gas and 2,359 barrels per day (bpd) of oil to the existing...
  3. A

    Frustrated man tries to run bike on diesel

  4. L

    Where has the Petrol Gone

    EveryBody is discussing Imran Khan here, but right now common Pakistani is thinking where the hell is petrol? Minister of Petrol said due to extra consumption of petrol, there is shortage of petrol in Punjab. My question is: If the Consumption increased due to decrease in the prices of...
  5. E

    Save Pakistan!

    For last 5 years we as Pakistanis have faced a lot of problems. People living in this part of world are in deep trouble. People living in urban areas have to bear load shedding for more than 16 hours and same is the case in rural areas where it is up to 20 hours. Punjab was totally...
  6. itsnotme90

    Scam on petrol station in karachi

    On Eid day my friend was getting fuel & he paid 2500 Rs for petrol to staff member on petrol station. Next thing he fill up his car to 550 Rs & one guy was knocking his window to get his attention from the meter & offering him to clean his car. After that my friend notice he only filled up 550...
  7. Tilloo

    Mobile vs Petrol - Why we Shouldn't Use MOBILE Phone at Petrol Pump

  8. C

    Response upon decrease in Petrol Price

    [hilar] :chilli:
  9. E

    Petrol Bomb- Petrol prices increased by Rs.4.85, Diesel by Rs. 4.42