Scam on petrol station in karachi


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On Eid day my friend was getting fuel & he paid 2500 Rs for petrol to staff member on petrol station. Next thing he fill up his car to 550 Rs & one guy was knocking his window to get his attention from the meter & offering him to clean his car. After that my friend notice he only filled up 550 Rs fuel so he said i gave money for 2500 so that staff member said oh ok so let me fill another 1950 Rs fuel which is due & then he start meter from 550 coz he never restart his meter & then he stop at 1950 so he made 550 Rs out of 2500. Next thing when he notice that his needle didnt move up as it always goes up to certain point so he went back to that guy from home & told him this is what u did to me & its fraud so he gave him his money back 550 RS & siad i trust your words. That means he knew what he is doing & when he saw his cutomer back with angry face so he gave his money back. Later on he find out that this petrol station is famous for its fraud with everyone in that area.