For last 5 years we as Pakistanis have faced a lot of problems. People living in this part of world are in deep trouble. People living in urban areas have to bear load shedding for more than 16 hours and same is the case in rural areas where it is up to 20 hours. Punjab was totally without Sui gas for 3 - 4 days. Industrial sector was totally closed for 4 5 days; common man working in the factories has become jobless. Inflation rate has increased to highest level.

We come daily with some horrible news, such as bomb blast killing many pupils, price hike in petrol, electricity or some other commodity.

People are coming depressed and sick due to daily crises. Only some hope is left to build a new Quid-e-Azams Pakistan. If we fail to do this we will not be able to forgive ourselves for this crime. Please step forward and pray to Almighty Allah to give us the strength, courage and will to accomplish this task. This task might be tough but it can be achieved through every ones contribution in this war of Revival. Come on Stand up and save this country from crises and put your efforts in building it the real ASIAN TIGER.

Source: Save Pakistan

-EPNO Team