1. GTV Pakistan

    China Support Palestine Mideast Peace Deal, Munich Security Conference 2020

  2. GTV Pakistan

    یورپی یونین نے ٹرمپ کا فلسطین دشمن مشرق وسطی امن منصوبہ مسترد کر دیا

  3. GTV Pakistan

    Russian President Putin Will Visit Palestine For Solidarity

  4. H

    Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris A fire broke out at the revered Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem just as flames ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Footage showing smoke and fire emerging from the roof of a...
  5. A

    EU rejects Trump's move to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

  6. زبانِ خلق

    Washington Post از BDS امریکہ - اِسرائیل اور

    States can’t punish businesses for boycotting Israel, federal judge in Arizona When his contract came up for renewal in 2017, after his trip with his son, he refused to sign the certification, instead challenging it in court. “I continue to view it as a violation of my First Amendment...
  7. Wadaich

    Facebook And Israel Officially Announce Collaboration To Censor Social Media Content

    By Whitney Webb of Activist Post (Sept 16) Following Facebooks censorship controversy over a world famous photograph of the Vietnam War, Facebook has agreed to work together with Israels government to censor content Israeli officials deem to be improper. Facebook officially announced the...
  8. Wadaich

    اے خاصہ خاصان رسل وقت دعا ہے

  9. M Ali Khan

    55% Israelis would support peace deal with Palestinians in survey

    Survey: 55% of Israelis say they're inclined to vote for peace deal Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they would support any plan Netanyahu presented, while another 16 percent said they would probably approve such a plan. Twenty percent were sure they would vote against...
  10. M Ali Khan

    Pakistan and Israel (2007 research paper by former Israeli ambassador)

    Pakistan and Israel Dr. Moshe Yegar, October 25, 2007 Since Israel‘s establishment in May 1948, Pakistan, being a Muslim country, has refused to establish diplomatic relations with it. The agreements that Israel signed with Egypt in 1978, the PLO in...
  11. S

    Why does no one intervene for the Palestinians?

    Foreign Intervention: Why does no one intervene for the Palestinians?
  12. K

    Israel Bans Muslims From Masjid Al-Aqsa

  13. mrcritic

    Outrage over palestine childs head in rifle crosshairs

    Occupied Jerusalem: An Israeli soldier has sparked outrage by posting a photograph appearing to show the back of a Palestinian boys head in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle on a social networking site. The context of the picture, posted on the personal Instagram site of Mor Ostrovski, 20...
  14. Mehrushka

    Hypocrisy at its best!!!

  15. riazbugti

    غزہ : آپریشن پلر آف ڈیفنس

    غزہ پر اسرائیلی حملے جاری، ہلاکتیں 48 ہوگئیں اسرائیل کے وزیر داخلہ ایلی یشئی نے اسرائیلی اخبار سے بات کرتے ہوئے کہا ’آپریشن پلر آف ڈیفنس کا مقصد غزہ کو پتھر کے زمانے میں واپس بھیجنا ہے۔ اور پھر ہی اسرائیل میں اگلے چالیس سال تک سکون رہے گا۔‘ اسرائیلی کی جانب سے غزہ پر کارروائی کے پانچویں روز...
  16. M Ali Khan

    Israeli activist writes about why he refused to join IDF over mistreatment of Palestinians

    Why I Refuse: On God/love, nonviolence and the occupation The Occupation is anti-God, anti-Love and staggeringly, constantly violent. Why I refuse to serve in the IDF. My name is Moriel Zachariah Rothman. I am 23 years old and live in Jerusalem. I lived for most of my life in the...
  17. dukelondon

    United Church of Canada debates boycott of Israeli goods!!!

    United Church of Canada debates boycott of Israeli goods The word "boycott" marked on Israeli flag as United Church of Canada debates boycott of Israeli goods. (file photo) Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:25PM GMT The Working Group of the United Church of Canada submitted in May a 26-page report...
  18. ealtaf

    Tears of Gaza - Palestine (Muslims Must Watch) Documentary
  19. biomat

    Israel's Next War, How Soon? SEPTEMBER PALESTINE UN VOTE?? Articles - Islam and Politics...
  20. A

    Fall of Egypt-Israel Relations

    Fall of Egypt-Israel Relations;) -DR. ABDUL RUFF ---------------------- For many years now both Israel and Egypt, under able terror guidance from USA and Europe, have crippled Palestinian economy and security by blockades and terror attacks. Although Egypt has not killed many in...

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