United Church of Canada debates boycott of Israeli goods!!!


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United Church of Canada debates boycott of Israeli goods

The word "boycott" marked on Israeli flag as United Church of Canada debates boycott of Israeli goods. (file photo)

Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:25PM GMT

The Working Group of the United Church of Canada submitted in May a 26-page report regarding the boycott of Israeli products to the General Council of the church.

The church is debating the report at its 41st General Council, under way in Ottawa from Aug 11 to 18. The report proposes the boycott of commodities produced by the Zionist regime in the Occupied Territories like the West Bank and East Quds, and draws a parallel between the Zionist regimes actions against Palestinians with the Holocaust.
Bruce Gregersen, General Council officer of the church, has thrown his weight behind the report, saying the call for the boycott is in line with the policy of the council that a Jewish settlement freeze would be a significant step towards establishment of peace between Palestinians and Israelis.​
The proposal has elicited reaction from the Zionist lobby and their supporting media in Canada and they have already embarked on efforts to overshadow the decisions of the council.
The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs of Canada has signed a petition calling for public protest to this action. The center alleges that the United Church of Canada would turn into an anti-Israeli body from a pacifist and charity organization should its proposals are endorsed.​
Nine Canadian Senators, all United Church members and a mix of Conservatives and Liberals, have signed a letter in protest against the churchs proposal which they branded as unilateral because of its focus on the plight of the Palestinians. However, the proposal has won the backing of Canadian Friends of Peace Now (CFPN), which is a Jewish group.




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