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  1. atensari

    Ideologically and democratically Pakistan belongs to Muslims

  2. atensari

    ہمارا نیرو بھی نرالا ہے
  3. atensari

    Darkness behind Enlighten Moderation

  4. Salik

    I have nearly lost hope....

    “This country is going to break in many pieces,” This is a statement I hear almost daily from someone … somewhere… “NO,” had always been my answer…. “A country founded on the basis of establishment of the rule of Allah SWT and HIS Prophet SAW can not be taken down that easily” Gradually I...
  5. atensari

    کڑوا سچ - Root of Pakistani problems

  6. K

    Dr. Israr Ahmed Threads - Collection

    Asalam-o-Alikum... Brothers Its a must watch. Do listen Complete.