1. 1-Man-Army

    Pervaiz Rasheed's tax return. Whopping 0 rupees!

    source: Documents provided to ECP
  2. karachiwala

    Pakistani media being paid to learn to speak American

  3. L

    Shastri, Gavaskar paid to preach BCCI gospel?

    Going by this Mumbai Mirror report, the worlds richest cricket board has two of the most silver-tongued player-turned-commentators on its payroll to spread its agenda. The report claims the Indian cricket board (BCCI) pays former captains Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri 3.6 crore rupees each...
  4. R

    point out PM'S those for their personal sake point COAS and whole country paid price

    Salam i want to get response (siasi shahoor) that how we got into dictatership mess, and those who are really responsible for promoting or giving concesions to these Generals while as PM'S in office they should put merit in first place as thier agenda, i mean discuss root cause.
  5. Wadaich

    Paid Media or Middle Class Mafia - Munu Bhai
  6. Geek

    PCB paid US $70000 to media persons for covering WC to protect interests!

    ISLAMABAD: The Senate was informed on Thursday that sports journalists working with different newspaper organizations and television channels were paid over $70,000 in cash apart from travelling expenses to cover the ICC cricket World Cup and other cricket series in the last three years. The...
  7. C

    Pakistani Business Community Paid "Blood Money"- Must Think

  8. E

    Another twist: Blood money was paid by Saudi Arabia / SAUDI ARABIA Denies any intervention

    Blood money was paid by S. Arabia` By Anwar Iqbal | From the Newspaper (5 hours ago) Today Diplomatic sources said that the Saudis joined the efforts to resolve the dispute late last month after it became obvious that Davis`s continued incarceration could do an irreparable damage to...