1. M

    The Peacekeepers Child - Sexual misconduct by Indian soldiers and officers on UN duty in Congo

    EXCLUSIVE COVER STORY CONGO The Peacekeepers Child Sexual misconduct by Indian soldiers and officers on UN duty in Congo raises disturbing questions BALLY MUTUMAYI , ASHISH KUMAR SEN , SAIKAT DATTA On the bank of Lake Kivu, in the southern quarters of Gomathe capital of the forested...
  2. H

    can our army officers serve this country with this kind of training/mental education?

    Irrespective of which class do you belong to,tell me what would be the effect if you provide your son with the following at the age of 18 21 thousands rupees per month (eating,educational and all other things are still your repsonsibility) 1 servent which would be available 24/7 separate room...
  3. M Ali Khan

    Pak journalist goes missing for writing about terror links between Al-Qaeda and Pak Navy officers Syed Saleem Shahzad, the Pakistan bureau chief of Asia Times Online, went missing Sunday evening, DawnNews reported. Days before his disappearance, Shahzad had authored an article that alleged links between navy...
  4. I

    Drunk officers of PIA dancing in a Party - پی آہی اے کے حرام خور

    ?? ????? ?? ????? ?????? just want to say . ????? ??? .
  5. gazoomartian

    India puts Pakistani army officers on most wanted list

    Gazoo's note: Now we have to wait and see if Gilani sends a strong NO message or considers sending our army officers to New Delhi just to please Indians. suggestion: Gilani should reciprocate by asking to hand over: Col Prohit, Bal Thakrey and other terrorists that Pak govt may have in its...
  6. A

    Salary and Benefits Comparison of Doctors and Army Officers

    [/IMG] additional important note: we are here discussing only govt servants.private jobs is a completely different issue. Both are considered grade 17 officer that's why their comparison is made. Further we are discussing important professions that are backbone of any country like...
  7. Geek

    Captain Ahsan Malik Ke Talash Mai - Rauf Klasra (Tribute for Pak Army & young officers!)

  8. A

    You keep protesting and they dont give a shit - Army gives promotion to its officers