1. Wadaich

    Attacker on American Senator & Murderer of Six Americans Declared Mentally ill. What if He had been

    What if the Murderer would have been a Pakistani or Arab?
  2. Abdali

    Pakistan Planning To assasinate Mass Murderer Of muslims George W Bush.

    We might ask ourselves how we would be americans reacting if Pakistani commandos landed at George W. Bushs compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic. I would be dancing on the street. The criminal coward army of liars and the dallal slave agent filth ruling elite must...
  3. P

    Adil's murderer granted bail in Gujranwala, Bravo Chief Justice and Gujranwala Police

    :lol::lol:(clap)(clap) Dear Pak Community , as most of us knows a boy from switzerland was murdered in pakistan , his murder coordinator, or UJRATTI Qatil has been granted Bail from Additional Session Judge Assad SB of Gujranwala i hope you guys remember........ the german newly converted...