mumtaz qadri

  1. Ch Umar Cheema

    PML-N ko vote Na Deny Ka Logon Ka Ahad Aor Sakhat Alfaaz

  2. Z

    Salman Taseer Last Interview in Which he Tried to Very Deeply Clear his View.....And Called Imran Kh

  3. K

    Mumtaz Qadri Shaheed yah Qatil?

    Kya Mumtaz Qadri Shaheed ha yah Qatil? Aisa sawaal jo hur Pakistani ko apnay aap say aur apni masjid k imaam say zaruur puuchna chahiay. 10153825202170236
  4. V

    Justice Nazir Akhter on Qanoon e Namoos e Risalat

    Please listen to very informative Quranic explanation of Qanoon e Namoos e Risalat. Introductory clip is about 14 minutes so you may skip to his lecture by taking mouse on video and clicking to second sequence. Just to let you know in case...
  5. P

    Salmaan Taseer's Assassination & Pakistan Blasphemy Law

  6. P

    The Rise of Mumtaz Qadri - Two Minute Sensational Documentary Clip

    Awesome Video I found while goggling Mumtaz Qadri. Please share views
  7. Nawazish

    Watch this Video & Tell me How Salman Taseer was Wrong? Let's debate

    I see online everywhere, everyone is happy that Salman Taseer was killed and that is really really sad because no one knows the reality and we are all just jumping on the bandwagon. He was NOT against the blasphemy law. He was against how it was used. There have been a lot of instances in...