1. Geek

    In US-Pakistan relations stability means obedience: Chomsky

    LAHORE: Stability to the US means obedience. As long as Pakistan is obedient it will be considered a stable ally, said MIT professor emeritus Noam Chomsky on Wednesday. Chomsky said the moment Pakistan stopped cowing down to the US, the talks of nuclear threat and jihadi movements would start...
  2. crankthskunk

    Cost of War, justified? Does End justify the means?

    Here is a break down of the cost of "WAR on Terror" by the USA. The simple question is, despite huge expenses, is World a better place now? Please comment.
  3. Geek

    No means no, and men must realize this: Tasneem Ahmer

    Men must understand that if a woman says no to a sexual advance, it means no, and men cannot impose their desires on women Director, Aks Research Centre, Tasneem Ahmer said. Ahmer added that the media had a critical role to play in educating the people about this. She expressed these views...
  4. biomat

    Catastrophic water dump means Fukushima really out of control'