1. canadian

    Story of Third Kalima !!!

    Story of Third Kalima by Quran & Hadith on Wednesday, 02 February 2011 at 11:58 <span>The Third Kalimah</span> The third kalimah has a unique and very interesting story behind it. It all started before Allah Ta'alah created Adam A.S. The Angels were trying to move the Arsh (Throne)...
  2. S

    Pakistani security Forces dishonouring the Kalima- Do they still Have some Shame left

    Dear All, Not going into this debate whether an organization has the right to protest which in my view every citizen have. It is in this context that Hizb ut tahrir (of which I am surely not a member) staged protests in Rawalpindi and Karachi But the way our dis honorable security forces...

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