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    انڈین میڈیا اور آرمی کی بےشرمی کی انتہا ??

  2. GTV Pakistan

    Kashmir Need Attention, 163 Days Curfew, Extreme Cold And Indian Army Became Torment

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    Attack on Indian Army.once again.detail by Dr Irfan

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    Reality: Indian Army share Mysterious footprints

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    Indian Military Establishment anxious on Modi & Hindu Extremist Policies

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    Parliamentary Democracy is not important, Qarardad e Maqasad is important: Zaid Hamid

  7. Wadaich

    Chinese & Indian Army Face-Off; PLA Excursion in Ch@ddi's Area :)

  8. M Ali Khan

    'India .. strangely unable to build serious military muscle ' (The Economist)

    Guns and ghee India is wise to speak softly, but it could do with a bigger stick Sep 24th 2016 | DELHI | From the print edition TO MANY Indians, their countrys strategic position looks alarming. Its two biggest neighbours are China and Pakistan. It has fought wars with both, and border...
  9. Wadaich

    Corrupt Indian Army Lacks Brains to Fight War, Looks Great Only on Paper: The Economist

    LONDON: British magazine The Economist has on Friday written that despite being the biggest importer of weaponry, India still lacks the brain to fight a war. According to The Economist, Indias land, air and naval forces lack communication. It added that most of Indias firepower looks great...
  10. Wadaich

    Attack on Head Quarter 10-Dograst Cannot Come From Pak It Majority Sikh Located Area. It is either a

  11. M Ali Khan

    'Kashmir: Give autonomy, save idea of India' writes ex Ind Army general

    Kashmir: Give autonomy, save idea of India Kashmir is an exceptional situation and exceptions must be made Posted by Lt Gen H S Panag | Aug 11, 2016 It has been 34 days since mass demonstrations, most of which turned violent, erupted in the Valley following the killing of Burhan Wani, the...
  12. M Ali Khan

    Indian Army's secretive Military Intelligence unit TSD controversy summarised

    Simply Put: The working and controversies of TSD, the Armys shadowy MI unit Reports in The Hindu that the Army destroyed documents on TSD, days before V K Singhs tenure as Chief ended, have returned focus to the controversial unit that existed from 2010-12. What was the Technical Services...
  13. M Ali Khan

    Indian Army chief wants to hit Pakistan hard on LoC

    So India's expectations and obsessions with a so-called 'limited conventional war' remains..... once more, it is mere noora kushti tactics to score points before coming elections.... Pakistan should not fall for the trap...
  14. messam

    Stop Fooling Innocent Indian Army

    Spies of the ISI have apparently been calling up (and fooling innocent Indian Army Officers ) Indian security forces with spoofed Indian numbers, saying they are senior officers from the Indian Army, Navy or Air Force headquarters and collecting intelligence! According to a report in The...
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    بھارتی قبضہ آٹھ لاکھ فوج اور کالے قانون سے &#1

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    ARMY FEEDS EXPIRED FOOD TO JAWANS...........its not about pakistan army.

  17. atensari

    Kashmiri Girl's address to UN Human Rights Council

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    بچہ بغل میں ڈھنڈھورا شہرمیں

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    Indian Army vs Maoists

    This video shows how strong the maoist insurgencey in India has become and India is indulged in a Civil war. Will maoists soon take over India as they did in China and Nepal.