1. FaisalLatif

    CNN: Pakistan knew about increased U.S. activity ahead of raid

    (CNN) -- Pakistan was aware of increased U.S. intelligence activity in the country weeks before the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May, an Arab diplomat with direct knowledge of the events and a senior Pakistani official told CNN Saturday. The two sources offered slightly different...
  2. M_Adnan.L

    Defense budget increased by 11.4% , and Education budget cut!

    Increased defence budget, for whom (DHAs?), and for defence against whom? Do our Armed forces who have proved their incompetence need 11.4% increase in budget? Education has always suffered in Pakistan! Pakistan's problems will be solved not with guns but with bright minds
  3. E

    Petrol Bomb- Petrol prices increased by Rs.4.85, Diesel by Rs. 4.42

  4. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 7th April 2011 - Rana Sanaullah - Doctors salaries to be increased in next budget

  5. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 1st April 2011 - Once Again Petroleum Prices Increased