1. jaguar

    انسانیت کے نام

    انسانیت کے نام مجھے عمران نیازی صاحب کی سیاست سے اختلاف ہے وہ بھی شدید .اور خیبر پشتون خواہ میں انکی خراب کارکردگی کی وجہ سے اب نفرت بھی...

    کیا یہ لوگ عالم دین ہیں؟ - Sarwat Ijaz Qadri Vs Mufti Abdul Qawi -Calling munafiq to each other on a

  3. In Session

    In Session - 24th July 2011 - Zaid Hamid, Hasan Nisar - We are Everything----Are We Pakistani too??

  4. L

    Oh! Karachi!

    [email protected] Kenneth Tynan’s 1969 Oh! Calcutta! was great fun, far too much so to ever be revived for audiences wishing a break in the grim lives as lived in the Islamic Republic that is Pakistan. Oh! Karachi! would be far more in tune with the national mindset and with the...
  5. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 20th July 2011 - Syed Noor & Ch Ijaz Kamran - Enemy of Film Industry In Pakistan----Cin

  6. Geek

    Afridi won't captain Pakistan again: Ijaz Butt

    KARACHI: Pakistan cricket chief Ijaz Butt has said former one-day captain Shahid Afridi will never lead the national side again, blaming him for losing matches against the West Indies in May. "In my opinion, perhaps considered wrong by some people, he made us lose the fourth and fifth...
  7. Islamabad Tonight

    Islamabad Tonight - 20th June 2011 - Ijaz ul Haq, Sharmila Farooqi, Khurram Dastagir

  8. Khabar Naak

    Khaber Naak - 12th June 2011 - Parody of PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt

  9. Sirf Such

    Sirf Such - 5th June 2011 - Salman Butt, Ijaz Butt & Sarfraz Nawaz - Cricket or Politics??

  10. qamar_zaman

    Please select a substitute job for Ijaz Butt

    All the members are requuested to give their opinion which job is best suitable for our present Chairman Paistan Cricket Board Ijaz Butt as he is not suitable for present job
  11. Sawal Yeh Hai

    Sawal Yeh Hai - 28th May 2011 - Ijaz ul Haq, Waseem Akhtar & Lord Nazeer - Pakistan Needs Fearless,

  12. Front Line

    Front Line - 23rd April 2011 - Samina KHawer Hayat & Ijaz Ahmad Khan - Opposition Became Companion

  13. Sawal Yeh Hai

    Sawal Yeh Hai - 17th April 2011 - Nafisa Shah, Ijaz Ul Haq - Bhutto Case

  14. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 14th April 2011 - Ijaz ul haq

  15. News Beat

    News Beat - 14th April 2011 - Siddiq Al Farooq, Sharmeela Farooqi & Ijaz Ul Haq - Drone Attacks, A

  16. Aaj Ki Baat

    Aaj Ki Baat - 18th March 2011 - Gen Rtd Abdul Qayyum & Ijaz Haider - Spy Game: CIA,Pakistan, Blood M

  17. Front Line

    Front Line - 12th March 2011 - Shahzain Bugti & Ijaz Haider - Balochistan: Who Is Resposible For The