Please select a substitute job for Ijaz Butt


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All the members are requuested to give their opinion which job is best suitable for our present Chairman Paistan Cricket Board Ijaz Butt as he is not suitable for present job

Humble Pakistani

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He is one of the corrupt like the long list of other leaders of this country. We need a French type revolution in this country and sent all the so called leadership of this country to the gallows… Make this land of the pure… Really pure without the impurities like Ejaz Butt!


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Taweel doranie ki neend.............dedh paon uske wese he kabar me hen, baki adha..........


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Kuch bhi karwa laina chahay lekin isse tandoor par na khara karna warna koi naan nahi bachay ga.....

Ch Azam

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His job should be TO TASTE JAMAL GOTA,every day to check its purity, he will reduce his weight in days :)

Lakin yaar ye banda gandd bahot dale ga......:(

hahahahaha yar bohaat door ki sochtay hain ap .................. " ye banda gandd bohat daay ga....."


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He should serve as Roller for Wickets

Little problem though
If Captain needs a heavy roller,
he needs to inform half an hour in advance so that Mr Butt have 150 Nan with 100 Pavay.


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yeh wohi kr rha ha jo is ka malik(10%) kr rha ha,thoray time myn zyada **** dalna,zardari apnay horse-stud myn isko kiyon nhe rakh leta?