1. wasiqjaved

    Stephen Amell ('Green Arrow' superhero)'s message for his Pakistani Fans!

    Popular Green Arrow superhero Stephen Amell giving special message for his Pakistan fans. (Brought to you by DeeFee Productions) 782167551919344
  2. H

    Transparent Solar Cells can replace windows and generate electricity

    Manhattan has roughly forty seven thousand buildings with around 10.7 million windows, based on a 2013 estimate from The New York Times. Now think about if just 1%, that’s 100,700, of these windows could generate electricity via transparent solar cells. That is the concept behind solar power...
  3. H

    Carbon nanowires produced from thin air

    Scientists in the US have discovered a method to take carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and make carbon nano fibres, a useful manufacturing material. Their solar-powered system runs a small current via a tank full of a hot, molten salt; the fluid absorbs atmospheric CO2 and tiny carbon...
  4. Amna_Amo

    Super Funny Joke "Second Wife" by Abdur Raheem Green

    Abdur Raheem green delivers a requested Joke on Demand by a Sister..hehehe
  5. M

    Green Street Muslim brother selling Israeli dates

  6. hans

    Who is Dr. Shakil Afridi?... and ways to get your US Green Card.

    US pressures Islamabad to free doctor who helped CIA track down Bin Laden. Divisions grow amid calls for release of Shakil Afridi, who ran fake vaccination programme to get al-Qaida leader's DNA. Washington is pressing Islamabad to release a doctor being held for helping the CIA track down...
  7. FaisalLatif

    Indian Citizens Join US Army for Green Cards: AsiaTimes/Siddharth Srivastava

    NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS A FEW YEARS OLD, PUBLISHED IN MID 2000'S NEW DELHI - It may be fashionable to criticize America for it unilateralist approach toward the global polity, but one aspect remains unchanged - the aspiration to become a bona fide American citizen. For long, Indians, as also...
  8. L

    Green World Presentation

  9. S

    6th Day of 'Clean and Green Karachi Campaign'

    6th Day of 'Clean and Green Karachi Campaign'
  10. M_Adnan.L

    Zardari's Green Signal To Party Members For Election After March 2012 !

  11. QaiserMirza

    Britain is turning GREEN - Brits converting to Islam

    Britain is turning GREEN The UK is seeing a surge in Brits converting to Islam, According to a report by "Faith Matters." And the vast majority of women who converted also changed their appearance with a significant majority adopting the hijab.