1. ahmadalikhan

    Failure of CIA? Why People forgot this?

    Read the failure of CIA on 9/11 from wikipedia Internal review of the CIA The Inspector General of the CIA conducted an internal review of the CIA's pre-9/11 performance and was harshly critical of senior CIA officials for not doing everything possible to confront terrorism. He criticized...
  2. F

    Alhumduliah, Tuesday Morning and FORGOT everything, Let back to our PPP/MQM/PML Politics

    Alhumduliah, Today is Tuesday Morning in North American and I woke up as Pakistnai and FORGOT everything again, :lol: Pakistani ko zara kuch kum hi yaad rahta hey OR wo sub ko MAAF kar deta hey OR waisay bhi its a world politics and person like you and me will never understand this Lets back...
  3. A

    Have you people forgot 23 march ?? no official celebrations this year as well

    for many year we are not seeing any 23 march official parade and celebration . the reason given is the security issue. but the question is : 1:are we in such a bad security situation that we cant held an official parade ?? 2:our security forces got such a poor record that they cant organize a...
  4. Faiza

    I forgot to live