1. T

    Cute Daisy Nail Art for Short Nails!

  2. A

    Father of the Nation in the eyes of Father of President Zardari

    views of Hakam Ali Zardari about Qauid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah...in logon ki asliyat aur ghatiya soch dekh lo...ehsaan faramosh log...
  3. Z

    Imran Khan = HOPE - Everyone's eyes are on him (Clip from Capital Talk)

  4. canadian

    American life through the eyes of a Pakistani !!

    American life through the eyes of a Pakistani Taimur Ahmed August 8, 2011 Today, it is common for young Pakistani men and women to go to the United States of America for higher education. My friends ans I are a part of this percentage of Pakistan. Let me be the first to tell you that its not...
  5. SaadKnight

    US has its eyes set on Balochistan's Gold Deposites

  6. pak2010

    Imran Khan at opening of Academy in UK - (Importance of Education)

  7. Skeptic

    Budget in the eyes of common man

  8. Bilal_Mushi

    Pakistan eyes legal action over ICC rule change

    Pakistan eyes legal action over ICC rule change The PCB chairman, Ijaz Butt, reportedly proposed the amendment the Pakistan board is presently fighting against Getty Images The PCB and ICC could be on a collision course again in a high-stakes case that potentially involves Pakistan's...
  9. Adeel

    This picture brought tears in My Eyes - Imran Sleeping in Dharna

  10. M

    What makes our nation not so great nation of the world in the eyes of others

    There is no question about the potential of Pakistan nation. But seems like we do not fulfil the criteria of a successful nation in the eyes of international community. We have alot of success in science and technology as well as in the field of education but we do not contain these success...
  11. biomat

    The Illuminati Agenda is Right in Front of Your EYES

  12. N

    Release of Raymond Devil in the eyes of Dr Younus Butt

  13. A

    Islam & America: Through the Eyes of Imran Khan

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