1. N

    Will we not be able to make an excuse in front of Allah

  2. Off The Record

    Off The Record - 16th May 2011 - Zafar Ali Shah & Shaikh Rasheed - John Kerry Refused to Excuse on A

    Note: due to problem in transmission we lost few minutes of the programe
  3. QaiserMirza

    No excuse for missing salah

    NO EXCUSE FOR MISSING SALAH Look at this kid ...... he is not a normal kid and he is thanking Allah for everything he has ..... look at us who are perfectly normal and we have forgotten Allah .... SHAME ON US !!! MAY ALLAH ACCEPT ALL OF US IN HIS WAY and live according to what he wants...
  4. Centennial73

    Guess !!What will be the Zardari`s best excuse for UK visit ?

    There are tons of reasons about why Zardari should stay in country instead of foreign visit. but as you know they always comes up with a genius excuses to make people fool . So what you think this time what will be his best excuse for the Nation after UK visit ?

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