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    Pakistani Economy in 2013: The worst is still to come

    Dr Ashfaque H Khan Tuesday, January 01, 2013 With the fifth most turbulent year (2012) in Pakistans economic history drawing to a close yesterday, the year 2013 has just begun. Far from being a fresh start, there are signs that 2013 will not be markedly different from the one that has...
  2. L

    PPP's Amazing Last 5 Years: Systematic Destruction of the Economy

    Continuing from Last weeks article on Law and Order in the last Five years of the Glorious PPP government, this week the focus turns to economy and how PPP has systematically destroyed it in the last five years. The purpose of this post is to simply put forward what the PPP led coalition...
  3. A

    1 Question for PTI - Imran trash talks IMF & World Bank but his budget suggests otherwise

    Imran continues to trash the IMF and the World Bank, that they will break the shackles of debt and the IMF and the World Bank wont be allowed to interfere in Pakistan's internal policies. His Economic Policy speaks of a "Khudmukhtaar Pakistani". But here's his Economic outline. See the 4.5%...
  4. J

    Post - Election Economy By Abid Hasan

    Abid Hasan Friday, August 17, 2012 From Print Edition The News Whichever party wins the election, it will inherit an economy facing very difficult multiple challenges. The new government will be gifted an economy run into the ground by five years of criminal mismanagement. Pakistan will be...
  5. mrcritic

    11 International Agreements That Are Nails In The Coffin Of The Petrodollar

    SOURCE: Is the petrodollar dead? Well, not yet, but the nails are being hammered into the coffin even as you read this. For decades, most of the nations of the world have used the U.S. dollar to buy oil and to trade with each other. In essence, the U.S. dollar has been acting as a true global...
  6. mrcritic

    The Inevitable Collapse of the US Economy.

    Americans are living beyond their means and Asia is currently financing that. But eventually the Asians/Europeans will stop financing the USA and then the bubble will burst.Over the decades, Americans have become nothing but a group of self-entitled credit-dependent debt-ridden ignorant asswipes...
  7. K

    Federal Reserves control on OIL, WARS & Economy. Zaid Hamid is right. Worth to read system ? Looting Frenzies: Thinking about the Federal Reserve while Nursing a Cheap Beer Become a Fan SAVE AS FAVORITE VIEW FAVORITES By Linh Dinh (about the author) Become a Fan (19...
  8. ealtaf

    US is Parasite on World Economy: Putin

    Reported by Press tv IR. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says the United States is feeding on the world economy like a parasite by building up an unsustainable debt that threatens the global financial system. In an address to a group of...
  9. BrotherKantu

    Sell the Dollars

    When the US needs every possible foreign buyer of US debt to step up to the plate, we get confirmation that yet another major foreign central bank has decided to not only not add to its US debt holdings, but to actively sell US Treasures. The WSJ reports that "Russia will likely continue...
  10. Abdali

    A New Economy For Muslims

    Wednesday, 18 May 2011 18:37 Adnan Khan With the revolutions in the Muslim world in full swing and now spreading from North Africa to the Middle East Western nations are attempting to hijack the Ummah's demand for change and labelling the protests as demands for democracy, freedom and...
  11. A

    Four pieces of good news for the Pakistani Economy

    Theres quite a bit to feel good about with respect to the recent news regarding the Pakistani economy. Here is a quick summary: 1) When the floods hit, there was widespread reporting that the budget deficit would hit 7% and in fact, some commentators from across the border even speculated...
  12. mohib

    Propaganda against Army, ISI is Treason: Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW)

    Dr. Murtaza Mughal, Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) President PEW Dr. Murtaza Mughal, Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Monday said that country is passing through a critical stage and propaganda against armed forces and ISI at this critical juncture amounts to treason. According to press release...
  13. haqiqat

    World Economy Collapse explained in 3 minutes

  14. canadian

    War Zones: As The Economy Dies, Murders, Shootings, Robberies And Looting Erupt All Over America !!!

  15. Jirga

    Jirga - 2nd June 2011 - Ahsan Iqbal & Syed Salman Shah - Impacts Of War On Terror On Budgt & Economy

  16. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 1st June 2011 - Shaukat Tareen & Humayun Akhtar Khan - How To Run the Nati

  17. S

    Bangladesh economy growth 'best in decades' DHAKA: Bangladeshs economy has grown at its highest rate in decades, driven by resurgent exports and a strong performance by the usually sluggish farm sector, officials said Tuesday. The economy expanded by...
  18. Tonight With Jasmeen

    Tonight with Jasmeen - 24th May 2011 - Salim Bukhari & Hamayon Akhtar - Major Issues Of Pak:Governan

  19. Skeptic

    Economy Of Wars

  20. PkRevolution

    India's interference in Pakistan - India must decide: Tiger Economy or under Talibans regime!!!!!!!

    Does India know what dangerous game they are part of?? - Anarchy in Balochistan - Training Camps close to Pakistans west border - Support of Tehrike Taliban bastereds, bombings in mosques, killing people. - Totaly concentrated in destabilising Pakistan - Dams on Pakistani Rivers - Financial...