1. D

    Overseas Pakistanis have been hurt by Cheif Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry's

  2. atensari

    دوہری شہریت مستعفی ارکان مشیر مقرر

  3. L

    Nasa Back to The Moon [HD] Dual 'GRAIL mission'

    NASA's GRAIL precision flyers will determine the lunar structure from crust to core.
  4. canadian

    Dual Nationality !!!

    The newly appointed auditor general of Pakistan is by no means an ordinary person. Not everyone in this country can afford to belong to two countries simultaneously and have multiple passports and identity cards. He is clearly a person adept at keeping his feet in two boats. Credit must also go...
  5. atensari

    "IB & FIA are providing misleading reports to the British government regarding MQM" - Altaf Hussain

    ذاتی مفادات کی مفاہمت ہنڈیا بیچ چوک پھوٹ گئی
  6. Geek

    PTI petition: EC removes 35 million bogus votes & Dual nationals banned from contesting elections.

    ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission secretary told the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday that 35 million unconfirmed names have been removed from the voter lists from the general elections of 2008. Express 24/7 correspondent Faisal Shakeel said that the EC is adding 36 million votes according...
  7. Off The Record

    Off The Record-12th May 2011-Khawaja Saad Rafique, Maula Baskhsh Chandeo - LHC Verdict On President

  8. A

    Should dual national Pakistanis have no right to hold a govt. office in Pakistan?

    A bill has been tabled in Pakistan NA that will not allow all dual nationality holder expatriates to take part in pak politics or even they will not be able to hold any govt. office in any govt. deptt. How about if some technocrate like Dr. A.Q. Khan wants to come back Pakistan to serve the...