1. Ammad Hafeez

    General Shuja Pasha (DG-ISI) is an Outstanding Officer: Pervez Musharraf

    (clap)(clap) YES. WE PROUD OF OUR SOLDIERS. :)
  2. Raaz

    Should DG-ISI Gen Pasha Resign?

    Today Gen. Pasha offered his resignation to parliament during his briefing. It is first time in the history of Pakistan that DGI - ISI is questioned by parliament. (clap) What do u think , about his resignation ??? Please add poll, Mod Bhai...
  3. C

    DG-ISI Surrendered himself before the parliament, accepts failure of Pakistan Intelligence

    (Breaking News) DGISI Lieutenant Ahmed Shuja Pasha Has Surrendered in front of the parliament ,accepting the failure of Pakistani Intelligence[hilar]:arms::smashfreakB: ISLAMABAD: Director General ISI, Pakistan’s top intelligence agency, Lt General Ahmed Shuja Pasha during the in-camera...

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