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    New challenge brings Pakistan, China more closer: Hina Khar

    Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said that when a new challenge emerges, it only bring China and Pakistan more closer. We have a natural convergence of interests, which could be reflected not only in a bilateral relationship but also in other multilateral forums, she told China Daily...
  2. S

    Husainiwala Border at Ferozpur India, Couldn't be closer than this!

    tho the video is made by an indian,so NO need to mention that its biased, but our sher dil rangers put up a beautiful show of courage and love for pakistan, bravo,long live rangers LONG LIVE PAKISTAN
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    India closer to opening up $450 bln retail sector NEW DELHI A top Indian government panel has approved a plan to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country's vast retail market in what would be one of the...
  4. sarmad

    The robot uprising is closer than we think!

  5. Geek

    Quake Moves Japan Closer to U.S. and Alters Earths Spin

    The magnitude-8.9 earthquake that struck northern Japan on Friday not only violently shook the ground and generated a devastating tsunami, it also moved the coastline and changed the balance of the planet. Global positioning stations closest to the epicenter jumped eastward by up to 13 feet...