1. Musafir123

    UK election result: How the world reacted

    he result of the UK election, with the ruling Conservatives unexpectedly losing their overall majority, has sent shockwaves across Europe and beyond. Politicians across the Continent have been questioning the impact on the Brexit talks. Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission...
  2. sarmad

    The race is on for Libya's oil, with Britain and France both staking a claim | The Guardian UK (Now

    The race is on for Libya's oil, with Britain and France both staking a claimRebel leaders dismiss suggestions that firm promises have been made, but supportive countries look set to benefit Alain Jupp said it would be 'fair and logical' for France's companies to benefit. Photograph: Jean-Pierre...
  3. P

    3 Muslims Shaheed In UK - British Muslim Heroes

  4. Geek

    Altaf appeals India for asylum to Mohajirs.

    KARACHI: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain on Tuesday appealed Indian leaders to give asylum to Mohajir community of Pakistan, ARY NEWS reports. He asked “if the 1992-like operation was started against MQM, will the Indian leaders provide asylum to us?” In his telephonic speech...
  5. L

    Britain's scandal-hit News of the World to shut

    This Sunday's News Of The World will be the last ever issue of the tabloid, News International chairman James Murdoch has announced. He said the final edition would not run any commercial adverts - with the advertising space to be donated to causes and charities. It comes after a string of...
  6. karachiwala

    britain trying to cut cost is going to lay off generals!

  7. crankthskunk

    Britain: the Euro could not last

    First nail in the coffin of Euro is hammered by the UK Cameron says we will not support the bailout of Greece. Cross party consensus in the UK is that Greece should be asked to leave the EuroZone, quietly. Germany is already dithering on the new package, this hard instance by the UK shows...
  8. janbazali

    Britain Creating Parallel Islamic Financial System

    A British firm has launched a Sharia-compliant pension fund that will enable Muslims to save for retirement in compliance with Islamic principles. The British government will begin offering Muslim workers Sharia- compliant pensions as of 2012. The launching of the funds, which are said to be...
  9. hans

    Obama visit code-named Chalaque in Britain

    Update: CBS News did some further digging and discovered the Daily Mail was incorrect--the codename was for the entire state visit, not just President Obama. Meanwhile, here is our round up of all of the media buzz around the president's UK visit. Do Brits think Barack Obama is a bit of a...
  10. PkRevolution

    Britain may hand over Musharraf to Pakistan, Gulf Times. Lord Nazir appeals Cameron handover Mushar

    Britain will consider handing over former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf to Pakistan in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case, said British Prime Minister David Cameron during his day-long visit to Pakistan yesterday. Cameron said that Britain will look into handing over Musharraf if...
  11. Geek

    David Cameron: Britain caused many of the world's problems

    Britain is responsible for many of the worlds historic problems, including the conflict in Kashmir between India and Pakistan, David Cameron has said. The Prime Minister appeared to distance himself from the imperial past when he suggested that Britain was to blame for decades of tension and...
  12. biomat

    Britain can push democracy or weapons but not both

    David Cameron's arms-sale tour has mired him in typical liberal interventionist hypocrisy. Better let the Arab world sort itself out...
  13. hans

    Close look at History ......Britain Used Chemical Arms on 1920 Iraq Revolt

    In March 1917, British commander Lt.-General Stanley Maude, issued a proclamation upon entering Baghdad (above) declaring that Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators. British liberators proceeded to use poison gas against Iraqi rebels...
  14. QaiserMirza

    Britain is turning GREEN - Brits converting to Islam

    Britain is turning GREEN The UK is seeing a surge in Brits converting to Islam, According to a report by "Faith Matters." And the vast majority of women who converted also changed their appearance with a significant majority adopting the hijab.