1. QaiserMirza

    King Abdullah launches SR80 billion Haram expansion project.

    King Abdullah launches SR80 billion Haram expansion project MAKKAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Friday launched the largest expansion of the Grand Mosque in history, which will increase the mosque's capacity to more than 2.5 million worshippers and cost...
  2. L

    Afghan Heroin Brings $50 Billion A Year, Covers US War Expense- Russian General

  3. sarmad

    Google buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion
  4. J

    Cut of 350 Billion Dollar puts Pentagone in trouble

  5. Wadaich

    Pak July exports jump to record $ 2.2 billion

    Karachi—Pakistan export has surged by 27.6 percent to highest ever figure of $ 2.203 billion during July 2011-12. According to the trade data compiled by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), this is the highest ever exports for the month of July in the history of Pakistan...
  6. L

    Afghan War Has Cost 444 Billion Dollars / 92% Of Afghans Don't Know About 9/11 (Must Watch)

  7. J

    Gold Planted House worth of 12.2 Billion US Dollars

  8. 1-Man-Army

    PMLN's Mushahidullah left speechless (Just one MNA did 6 Billion Rupees of corruption).

  9. canadian

    Rs 4 billion Corruption in Reshma Rental Power Plant !!

  10. ealtaf

    PSO Seeks Rs. 40 billion to Avoid Default

    Talking to Dawn, a PSO official said that due date for export cargoes was usually 21 days after the berthing of ship and in case of the KPC it is 30 days. File Photo ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan State Oil has sought Rs40 billion to avoid default on LCs (letters of credit) for payments to overseas...
  11. awan4ever

    S. Korea to spend $ 2.4 billion on digitizing textbooks.

    Samsung Windfall: All of South Korea's Textbooks to Go Digital by 2015 South Korea will redefine primary school education within three years while creating a massive market for home-grown electronics CHRISTOPHER MIMS 07/01/2011 By 2014, all of South Korea's elementary-level educational...
  12. maksyed

    Lobbying On Four Multi Billion Reko Diq Treasure - Shaheen Shenbai

    Lobbying On Four Multi Billion Reko Diq Treasure Shaheen Shenbai DUBAI: Numerous questions are waiting for an answer in the famous Reko Diq mining case involving billions of dollars, which has been put on hold by the Supreme Court of Pakistan until the Balochistan government issues the...
  13. L

    Rs.1 lakh crore ($22 billion) treasure discovered in secret vaults of Kerala temple - Hun Fer Mojaan

    By Indo Asian News Service, IANS Thiruvananthapuram, July 3 (IANS) The erstwhile royal family of Travancore in Kerala is thrilled that valuables worth thousands of crores have been discovered in the chambers of a temple it manages. A Supreme Court appointed committee is opening six chambers...
  14. hans

    Chairman Ratan Tata's Company, worth 4.32 trillion rupees ($96 billion)

    Source: MUMBAI: Indias leading conglomerate Tata Group has become the countrys wealthiest in terms of market capitalization, beating the combined wealth of the two Ambani brothers, stock exchange data...
  15. Geek

    Black money worth 200 Billion US Dollars of Pakistanies in Swiss Banks!!

  16. canadian

    Remittances Of Oversea's Pakistanis Cross US 10 Billion Mark !!!!

    According to a latest report the remittances sent home by overseas Pakistani's have now crossed US $ 10 billion for the first time in our Country's history. A recent report suggests that most of these remittances were spent on consumption(62%)while some(35%) were either invested or saved by...
  17. Night_Hawk

    Microsoft just bought Skype for 8.5 Billion Dollars

    Microsoft confirms takeover of Skype Skype had previously planned a share flotation Microsoft has confirmed that it has agreed to buy internet phone service Skype. The deal will see Microsoft pay...
  18. Geek

    One Thousand and 60 Billion Rupees worth of Corruption by PML-N??

  19. simple_and_peacefull

    Saudi king orders $100 billion in social benefits

    By AFP Published: March 19, 2011 Saudis wave the Saudi national flag after Saudi King Abdullah addressed the nation in Riyadh March 18, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS RIYADH: Saudi King Abdullah on Friday announced unprecedented economic benefits worth nearly $100 billion and warned against any...
  20. simple_and_peacefull

    Raymond Davis: Deal was 1.05 billion, brokers took away 85 crore Rupees.