1. PkRevolution

    Hizb ut Tahrir, Who are they? Aims? Is Khilafat anti Islamic? Struggle against capatalism a crime??

    Hizb ut Tahrir behind Arab Revolutions? A Big YES Why Pakistan ARMY Brig. and majors are in Army's custody??? Planing of Revolution in Pakistan??? Must watch Video Clips to understand. 3 March 1924 was the last day of Khilafat in Turkey. Before we understand Hizb ut Tahrir, we must...
  2. PkRevolution

    Should Dr. Qadeer Khan join PTI? Dr. Qadeer khan and Imran both have same Aims for Pakistan!!!!!!!!

    IMRAN KHAN and dr. AQ KHAN both are real heroes of our country, we should support IMRAN KHAN in his struggle to the way of prosperity. May they both lead Pakistan, live long and have a prosperous life in pakistan...Ameen Dr. Qadeer Khan please Join PTI.