abdul razzaq

  1. 9

    Performance of Pakistani players in county.... Blay blay blay

    Pakistani cricket players are making their country proud in county.Look at the performance of Razzaq. 3 matches. first match 62(30), 2nd two wickets and did not bat.3rd 40(25) Wahab latest match 5 wickets haul with a hatrick Azhar... 4-24 in latest match. What you say now? are we better that...
  2. IndiaGuy

    Amazing Razzaq Stuns South Africa (Highlights) (Pak Vs SA)

    There are match-winning centuries and there are Matchwinning Centuries. You will travel far and wide, maybe even go back in time, but you will struggle to find a more remarkable game-stealing hundred than the one the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi saw tonight. An outrageous 72-ball 109...