Shehbaz Sharif has been sent to Kot Lakhpat jail in Ashiana Scandal

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پاکستان جیسی دکُھی قوم کے لئے یہ خبر کسی صدمے سے کم نہیں

مغلیہ دور کا یہ گمشدہ مسخرہ اپنی چوَلوں سے اس قوم کے ہونٹوں پر مسکراہٹیں تو بکھیر لیتا تھا۔۔


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The biggest thing SHarifs have suffered from is falsified defense. All they have to do is tell the truth in their depositions, and chances are they would get off with a slap on the wrist. But Both NAwaz and Shahbaz insisted on lying and fabricating stuff in order to come across as 'the saviors of Pakistan'. That did them in.


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I know a person who is in jail from last many years for something that is not yet proved that he has done it , he is kept in jail in doubt that he may be a facilitator , he is very sick , sick to death, he has a daughter very young age, he was married just before his arrest, he was a known business person and never known as what court has said and booked him for.
He always paid his taxes (huge amounts) and never disrespected any uniformed or civil Pakistani, can he get the treatment he deserve? He is millions time better than Shahbaz Shareef , the only thing he didn't do is to pay the Judiciary, which he could do but he is a stupidly principled man.

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اِسکو جیل میں اندر کرنے سے پہلے دو تین چیزیں احتیاطاً چیک کروا لینا بھائی، یہ ہسٹری شیٹر بندہ کافی خطرناک ہے

اوّل اِسکے سامان میں کوئی سہرا نہ ہو

دوئم اِسکے سامان میں ویاگرا کا ڈبہ نہ ہو

سوئم اِسکے سیل کے چاروں اطراف کم از کم ایک ہزار میٹر کے رئیڈیئس میں کوئی چنگڑی قیدی عورت نہ ہو خاص کر پہلے سے شادی شدہ

اگر اِن تین عوامل کا خیال نہ رکھا گیا تو اِس نے پہلی رات ہی کسی چنگڑی کو تاڑ کر گھیر لینا ہے اور اگلے ہی دن سہرا نکال کر نکاح رچا لینا ہے اور پھر ویاگرا کا ڈبہ اور بیچاری چنگڑی کا آپریشن دبڑ دووس جیل کی کال کوٹری میں ہی شروع


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How could he be sent to jail without a reference?

Did they lodge a reference in the Ashiana matter, or just sent him to jail?

I fear NAB again may have created some judicial weakness to facilitate bail /acquittal...
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