If Aleema Khan doesn't provide money trail and business link with Imran Khan is also established then he must also be punished - Ayaz Amir


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Not supporting Aleema Khan. First someone needs to bring documents proving that properties belongs to her. Once that is established, she definitely have to provide the money trail. Who is going to establish the link of her with Imran Khan?

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First either she has to admit that these properties are hers, like gonglu and thipper sharif. Or bring forth title deeds showing they are her

Second she has already given her complete money trail in Supreme Court in her previous case.


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Agreed. If and only if it's established. However I can only think of it as the wishful thinking of an optimistic phatwari.


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Her properties were bought long time ago.IK was not in power then.She herself never held any position in any government so he case should treated as tax evasion since she did not declare her properties.So far the media (pro Nawaz corrupt media) has made many allegations against her without any proof.If she has broken tax laws then she should be tried.In UK the the tax department(inland revenue) demands that the tax owed must be paid.They also charge interest on unpaid tax.


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She sold her property of Dubai and bought this according to Amir and Rauf. They explained it in their show.


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Conflict of interest:

She being sister of Imran Khn (who is a chair of the Board of Directors and founder of the Shaukat Kanam Hospital) must not have been:
(a) put as a director of Shaukat Khanam Hospital
(b) handed over the port-folio of collecting charities all over the world

It is a clear conflict of interest
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