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These young men and women have gathered here to find themselves that one true love - and fast. DawnNews' Danial Kublai Khan reports.

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well, where is behayai? why its shame?, its a meeting point with parents and they are for good purpose and I like the idea.


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It might give sort of a western look but I liked it. It's quite decent and and sense making approach. Things seem to be in cultrual and religious boundries. Nevertheless it is providing an opportunity to find someone you might end up with.
Good job :)


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How is this a bad thing? I am unable to understand that.

Bunch of families are getting together and meeting up to see if there is a potential match.

These days its quite difficult, time consuming and expensive to look for a rishta.

If you invite one family, the preperation takes the whole day, expense aside.

It's an excellent approach!
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