Former member CDA Brig Asad Munir commits suicide


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Interesting! I'm hearing that he was corrupt to the brink though! Surprisingly, you usually wait for the post mortem report to declare cause of death, but in this case, media is already stating it's a suicide!

There is another interesting thing. #qatilqatilNABqatil trend emerged as soon as his news broke. And guess what? People initiating the trend are all PPP MNAs/MPAs/workers !! 😁😁

Unluckily for them, it's not coming to the limelight because of #ChristChurch!

Plus add one more thing, i hardly see any baloch or pashtoon tribes committing suicide. Its not other communities are coward. But these mentioned tribes are mentally tough nuts to crack.
Lastly, Asad Munir was called only one time in 2016 to NAB and that was PML N govt tenure.


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Since he passed away, so won't comment about deceased past. But yes at top post of military intelligence and specially in KPK type area, one has authority to use all kind of "resource" in whatever manner it can be.

So with recent Generals being captured and court martialed so there can be possibility that he is been under radar and being stressed out. But still suicide will be last thing he would be doing for this NAB case.


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Bara Nar ka bacha tha......who refused to be embarrassed but look at the other barwa commando who sells Pakistanis and pakistan and still enjoying in dubai .....shame on barwa busharraf haram khoor ghaddar


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پاکستان میں مافیا ہر اس آواز کو دبا دیتی ہے جو چوروں کہ خلاف آواز اٹھاتا ہے
بلاشبہ اس شہید کا قتل پی پی لیڈر راجہ پرویز اشرف کے سر ہے


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hram zaday khanzeer ko invetigate kro jo laanti khanzeer justice nizam aur apni biwi bhi marwaa saktaa hai aisaay laanti ko hi is qattal saay faidaa pohanch saktaa hai yeh khanzeer kaa bacha hraam khor NAB prr ungli uthanay aur khood bachnay wastay apnay mardood baap ko bhi qatl kraa saktaa hai


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When LDA..CDA..Karachi Dev.names is come..First thought is.. Corrupt..If he is innocent..he don't need to commit suicide to directily go in Jahanam..without proving himself innocent..He should fight the case as being a high rank retired Army officer..
Now two things can be say....One he was killed by Zardari and real estate Mafias..and his family got threats that's why they refused to do postmortem..which legally compulsory in suicide cases.... Secondily..He was under guilt.. Depression.. Anxiety which leads him to commit suicide.. Retired Army and beaurucrates are mostly high ego persons..If they spent retired life in luxury.. under drugs..alcohalism...then suicide easily happened...Malik Riaz trapped so many retire Army and Buearucrates after giving high salaries and benefits...


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If he was innocent then IK should made a new Authority replacing NAB...But first must verified becoz Geo immediately raised fake news... Articles against NAB and SC under Khosa who will never ever gives any relief to Nawaz.. Zardari..Malik Riaz Mafias...May be this incident use to pressurized NAB and SC..CJ..who currently hearing important cases against these Mafias.
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