Few more years of Modi and we will reach a point of No Return!!!


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Tyranny can only go so far, and it hits really hard when it hits home. Finally, the Indian intellectuals are beginning to feel the heat of tyrannical practices and raising voices. OR is it because Modi's strength is deemed to be weaker thus the voices??


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Disintegration of Endia is written in the Era of Mudi, and it would be the huge achievement of CHAI WALA


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Modi is a fool he should have strengthened his country instead of targeting Muslim's and Dakota and students and all that is against him, including kisaans.

Then he should have built good relationships with China And try too isolate Pakistan, if that what he wanted.

After he had strenghtned India and isolated Pakistan then he could have targeted China.

But this fool made enemy of his own people and neighboirs and if this idiot has a couple more terms India may come to a point of NO return.

IK is a good game player Modi isn't.
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