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Re: Altaf Hussain Under Firing In Pakistan

you can make others fool but not me, as i have been born in the same city and knows everthing abt MQM and its mafia. A fool can make himself fool but not other , i wana ask you one question, if you think that the real problem is ANP and its so called Thugs, imagine ANP was out of sight, wat about the other parties, like Lyari aman kamaiti, MQM haqiqi, sunni tehrek and JI and so on, why is that MQM is having problems with all of them and ANP has no problem at all with them, think about it, MQM wants to be the Taikedar of Karachi and that means mohajir to benefit and no one else like we saw during the Kamal era and let me tell you ANP never said anything that is racist about, but Altaf is openly kept saying the same, even a step further, Mustafa kamal onced said live on TV that pashtoons are the real problem for MQM. i can post a lot of proof.

Try reading the newspapers, thats all I can say. As to you saying ANP has no problem with any other ethnicity, the latest round of violence in Surjani was ANP vs Seraiki. What about Sachal and Saffora where ANP regularly fights Sindhis? And there is increasing proof that ANP is now targeting Punjabis. Try reading the newspapers. Give it time, ANP will expose itself. In the meantime try reading the newspapers and try to think.

In the Kamal era all benefited. What are there special toll boxes that dont allow other ethnicities to use roads and bridges built by Kamal? What you are pointing to is the nazims other areas elected which did not do any work in their areas, despite funds given to them and in the end blamed MQM for it. I have heard Mutsufa Kamal say million of time if not for Pushtuns Karachi could never have progressed. Let go of your racism, it will do you good.

Dont try to fool anyone please. Shahi Syed himself made racist comments of Urdu speaking people, not once but many times. If MQM were racist why are there thousands of Pushtuns in MQM? And if ANP isnt where are the Urdu speaking in it?

Before the present PPP government, there was no violence in the city especially no Peoples Amn and ANP fighting for turf. They were all here and yet there was no violence like this. ANP needs to realise that is is being used just like Haqiqi and Peoples Amn for PPPs ulterior motives. It needs to let go of its violent methods. Sooner it does, the better
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