target killing

  1. R

    I appeal to all MQM workers to open their eyes - Saulat Mirza last message before being hanged (Comp

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  2. Faseeh Gulzar

    Zahra Hussain, An Inside job?

    There are speculations. MQM may be whatever people expect them to be, but they are not stupid - at least not enough to involve in high profile murder at this hour. MQM is going through hard time and it is very unlikely that it will increase its misery intentionally. There are opinions...
  3. J

    Ye Bhi Hamary Bhai Hain,Ye Bhi Kisi Kai Baitay Hain... :-(

    These two twin brothers are Hayder (left) and Jamal (right). They were shot in Karachi on 3rd January while they were on their way to sit for their exam. Jamal succumbed to his injuries, while Hayder is in critical condition. These brothers have a story too. They have a family too. They have...
  4. atensari

    کراچی کی صورت حال پر حکومتی اتحاد کے تبصرے

    رحمان ملک اقبال جرم کر رہے ہیں یا خبر دے رہے ہیں
  5. atensari

    فوری ضرورت برائے انصاف

    گزشتہ پانچ سالوں میں کسی کو انصاف ملا ہو تو "جمہوری انتقام" کے خصوصی اکاونٹ برائے وصولی انصاف میں جمع کرا کر سیکولر لبرل برکات حاصل کرے @mhwish_ali حکومت (اکثریت) کے غیر فطری اتحادیوں کی ہمت پانچ سال گورنری، وزارتوں، فری ہینڈ اور نوگو ایریا کی "ناانصافی" برداشت کر کے جواب دے گئی ہے. فوری...
  6. atensari

    Govt. dont have solid solution to Karachi issue Farooq Sattar

    منافق قومی مصیبت کی "منافق کہانی" فاروق ستار کی زبانی
  7. H

    Agenda 360 - 22nd July 2012 - Shahi Syed - Peace in Karachi

  8. atensari

    "IB & FIA are providing misleading reports to the British government regarding MQM" - Altaf Hussain

    ذاتی مفادات کی مفاہمت ہنڈیا بیچ چوک پھوٹ گئی
  9. Bilal_Mushi

    LG system restored in Khi, Hyderabad, Ordinance issued

    LG system restored in Khi, Hyderabad, Ordinance issued Updated 6 minutes ago KARACHI: An ordinance promulgated to restore Local Government System in Karachi and Hyderabad has been issued here Sunday (1:00am) Geo News reported. Sindh...
  10. Ammad Hafeez

    Zulfiqar Mirza Militant Group using Latest Arms in the Presence of Police

    Zulfiqar Mirza Militant Group using latest arms -G 3, AK 47, SMGs freely in the presence of law and enforcement agencies. Militants chanting slogans 'Sindhi Jaago' & 'Sindhu Desh'. Is this trailer for the Innocent Karachiites??
  11. rising.pak

    Meray Shehar Jal rhe hain Meray Log Mar Rhe hain

  12. atensari

    جرائم پیشہ اور تخریب کاروں کی حکومت