You keep protesting and they dont give a shit - Army gives promotion to its officers


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Assalam o Alaikum,

Expect nothing good from these D@lley. They have only managed to dance every 23 March in the name of parade since 1947. But these days they (co*wards) even cannot dance publicly.
I dont know if brother adnan is working or living on benefits ? In the practicle life you get promotions or due to lazyness,could be
shunted out of the profession. In the nature, new generation takes over the older one and older goes in retirement.
We pakistanies are serving in the forcies to defend the country. Sometimes the orders are against the will of the officers and solders
but they always say, yes sir. I was not agree with many things of the Army Rule but they did many good things for the nation.
In the last thread I stopped you not to criticize our army. I think either you are an agent or you have some link with pak talaban or some
other problem ? I will defend the Pak Army and I will request the organizer to warn you ?

i don't take notice of this guy like some indians come to this forum i know it" bhens k age been bajane se koe faida nahen" so plz don't be serious