1. L

    Zardari ordered PP ministers to not to give any statement against Zulfiqar Miraza

  2. T

    Punjab to give Scholarships to position holders of ALL Provinces - Shahbaz Sharif = Thank you

    Is parcham ke saye talay hum aik hain PML(N) Government of Punjab is distributing millions of rupees to all position holder students not only from Punjab but students of all provinces would be rewarded. PML(N), the party of Federation PML(N), the party of Pakistan Support PML(N) Support...
  3. P

    Chaudhary Zahid Nazir From Faisalabad Joins PML (N)-This Will Give Strength To PML (N) In Faisalabad
  4. Night_Hawk

    Punjab government to give one lac laptops to intelligent students
  5. qamar_zaman

    can anybody give statistics about about every ruler who perfrormed HAJJ and UMRAH

    few days ago our president performed UMRAH and now our prime minister did the same practice on government expenses I was wondering how many of the past rulers has done so on government expenses also please reflect how many UMRAHs and HAJJ they perfrom when they were not in power and how many...
  6. Geek

    Altaf appeals India for asylum to Mohajirs.

    KARACHI: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain on Tuesday appealed Indian leaders to give asylum to Mohajir community of Pakistan, ARY NEWS reports. He asked “if the 1992-like operation was started against MQM, will the Indian leaders provide asylum to us?” In his telephonic speech...
  7. Geek

    China to give squadron of J10-B fighters to Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD: Taking bilateral defence relations to a new high,China will give Pakistan a squadron of the advanced J-10B fighter aircraft, a media report said. The offer was made by senior Chinese military leaders to visiting Pakistan Army's Chief of General Staff, Lt. Gen.Waheed Arshad, the Urdu...
  8. Bilal_Mushi

    Com'on yaar give me a break : Imran Farhat once again back in Pakistan team

    Her jagga pay na_insaafee ka dour urooj pay hay aur awaam kisi zarooi kaam say saaw rahi hay.
  9. ا

    Shabaash Gul - Progressive woman: The topper who refuses to give in -

    گل نے اپنے آپ کو ثابت کر دیا ہے واقعی جہاں چاہ وہاں راہ- ملک میں وہ شدت پسند عناصر جو خواتین کی تعلیم کے خلاف ہیں، انھیں اب اس بارے میں سوچنا چاہیے Progressive woman: The topper who refuses to give in SWAT: Seema Gul, a student of humanities, who topped the Saidu Sharif Board of...
  10. Sawal Yeh Hai

    Sawal ye Hai - 22nd July 2011 - Amir Muqam & Kamran Rehman-Swat & Multan - Why doesn't Govt give eq

  11. H

    i am kalam (the movie).tribute to indian nuclear scientist. that how nations give tribute to their h

  12. A

    India to give list of most wanted to Pakistan

    India to give list of most wanted to Pakistan Indian TV claims the mistakes in the earlier list have been removed. Indian interior ministry has prepared this list after consultations with various suspects and intelligence sources. The first list that was handed over to Pakistan...
  13. A

    Please buy my three children... and give them a better future

    SIALKOT: Of the many things for sale outside Government Allama Iqbal Hospital, perhaps the most intriguing are Waqas, 9, his six-year-old brother Waqar and their three-year-old sister Amna. Their mother Khatoon Bibi, 33, has put them up for sale in the hope that they will be bought by somebody...
  14. Geek

    Does life online give you 'popcorn brain'?

    Over time, and with enough Internet usage, the structure of our brains can actually physically change, according to a new study (CNN) -- When Hilarie Cash arrives home from work in the evening, she has a choice: She can go outside and tend to her garden or she can hop on her laptop. The...
  15. L

    Lottery winner on dialysis plans to give help to charities, friends

    An Ohio man who needs kidney dialysis to stay alive won $5 million in the lottery--but says he plans on giving part of his windfall away. "I'm going to help people because I love it. It makes me feel good, and I think that's what God put us here for," Phillip Withem of Logan said Tuesday, right...
  16. GraanG2

    TEDxKarachi - Imran Khan - Never Give up on Your Dreams **Must watch for everyone**

    Imran Khan emphasized on the importance of determination and courage. He is of the opinion that when one focuses on their dreams with raw passion and determination, they are rewarded with success. The world tries to bring you down on your knees, failures knock the breath right out of you and...
  17. J

    Altaf Asks TV Channel & Newspaper Owners To Give Salaries To Their Employess

    ALTAF HUSSAIN ASKS TV CHANNEL AND NEWSPAPER OWNERS TO GIVE SALARIES TO THEIR EMPLOYEES KARACHI: 30TH MAY 2011: The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has asked the owners of newspapers and television channels to give salaries to their employees...
  18. Geek

    Kursi Ke Jang - This is how you give farewell to your colleague. :P

  19. Bilal_Mushi

    Pakistan could give China access to downed stealth helicopter: US TV

    Pakistan could give China access to downed stealth helicopter: US TV The United States has asked the Pakistanis to return the helicopter wreckage. According to an American television, Pakistani officials said that they were interested in studying the remains of the stealth helicopter...
  20. Geek

    Japan's Prime Minister to give up salary until the Nuclear crisis is over

    Tokyo (CNN) -- Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday that he will give up his salary until the nuclear crisis in the country is over. He also said he would review the country's energy policy and consider other energy sources like wind and solar power. Kan said he would give up his...

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