Ye Bhi Hamary Bhai Hain,Ye Bhi Kisi Kai Baitay Hain... :-(


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These two twin brothers are Hayder (left) and Jamal (right). They were shot in

Karachi on 3rd January while they were on their way to sit for their exam. Jamal succumbed to his injuries, while Hayder is in critical condition.

These brothers have a story too. They have a family too. They have friends too. They have people who care about them, who miss them too. They're not less than Shahzeb. They deserve equal coverage, just as much airtime. They deserve suo moto action from CJ too. It's a shame that investigations don't even begin unless there's pressure from society. Spread the word, people. They, and the countless other unnoticed victims, deserve justice too! Their culprits deserve public humiliation and trial too!
We stand for Shahzeb, and we stand for them too!


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First of all they were "ordinary" citizens, I mean their father is neither a DSP nor their mother is sister of any gabul/talpur and on top of that they were not residents of DHA/Clifton etc..

Secondly they belong to Shia community, So y to do any Kolaveri about this?? its just a simple "Sectarian Target Killing"


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agr yeh bhi kisi DIG,DSP,ya kisi influential family se hen to in ko bhi insaaf zarur milay ga aur CJP aaj he IG ko esa danda den ge k dekhna within 2 days girftaryan amal mei aa jayen ge...... .lekin agar yeh greeb gurba hum jesay aam log hen to PHIR MAI SHART LGANAY KO TAYYAR HUN K KUCH BHI NAHI HO GA jitna mrzi zor lga lo,time will prove i m telling bitter truth


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ek dn hum bhi mare jaen ge isi tarha or kis ne nahin insaaf dilana. . . God Help people of Pakistan. . .:(


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یہاں ہر روز کسی نہ کسی پے ظلم ہوتا ہے اب تو جیسے عادت سی ہو گی ظلم سہنے کی


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Yahan par chezon ko twist deney key log agayey hain...shahzeb key mamiley ko aur rang deney key log maidan mein agayey...arey bhai theek hai woh bhi shaheed ho gayey par masaila yeh hai keh target killing mein pata nahin chalta keh qatil kon hai...aur keon mara hai...karachi mein 2000 people is tarah marey gayey hain...yahan par stupid log chezon ko confused karney key leyey har cheez ko mix up karney lagtey hain....shahzeeb ka mamila yeh hai keh qatil bhi maloom hai waja bhi maloom hai....aur qatilon ka asar bohot ziada hai is leyey yeh bohot ziada highlight ho gaya hai....india kee misal ley lo wahan par kitney rape hotey hain par...yeh aik rape keon itna high light ho gaya hai...kuch to sense use kar leya karo....ya hamari qaum duffer kee duffer hee rahey gee


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Its so usual now to hear such things on daily basi, what unusual is if you dont hear a bad news about karachi or Pak. When will this chaos end, Allah please help us. its Truly sad, RIP.