With the stepping down of Asif Ali Zardari, Zulfiqar Mirza could come back into action: Habib Jan Fr


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According to Habib Jan, Zulfiqar Mirza may come back into action with the stepping down of Asif Ali Zardari:




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It was all part of plan...............Reinstating Peoples Amman Committee and keeping MQM on track were two opposing strategies..........Mirza was deliberately made quite to achieve both purposes.................


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Nothing gonna happen until the completion of Nato forces withdrawal.

Karachi operation is the part of making the smooth ride way for Nato.

After that, Dam dama dam mast kalandar.

This is killing MQM ........ cheekhain eisey he nahi nikal rahi


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sab phely isko pakro or chitar lagao or is k saray deye gaye licensee cancel karo sab sahi ho jaye ga or sari sugar mill ka hisab lo