What is Bilawal drinking?


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I could be wrong …. but as the video is ending I hear the words "akhri peg". Allah knows best … but again if he drinks that is his personal choice. He is responsible and answerable for his own deeds.


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So what?
If he does ----- that is his personal problem ---- For God sake leave the poor soul alone ---- He is a harmless kid


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پانی پی رہا ہے یار
پلاسٹک کی بوتل میں کون شراب پیتا ہے ؟
سیاسی اختلاف اپنی جگہ لیکن پٹواریوں کی طرح الٹے سیدھے الزامات نہیں لگانے چاہیے
ویسے بھی دوسروں کو ترغیب دے رہا ہو تو آپ کا ٹھیکیدار بننے کا جواز بھی ہے، بند کمرے میں بیٹھا شراب بھی پی رہا ہے تو خود
اللہ کو جواب دے گا


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guys wo jo marzi piyay , nothing to do with us . its his personal matter . such videos should be condemned . I am a PTI supporter not ppp.


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Jahil poster audio is clear , "pani piyo ".
Billo rani main koi kami nahi siwai aik cheez ke.


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As a born drinker(kidding), I could tell you that 90% of the beer drinker would not keep the cap or take it off to drink it.. Having said that, there are some costly beers with corks that could go off as Billo rani did. However I doubt that desis are in to that high quality

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Its clearly a water bottle, what is more shameless how people are lining up with their heads down and hand tied like in a king's court in front of a worthless kid.