What Geo News is up for????


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See how Geo News is projecting Indian Entertainment Industry and their Entertainment of Killing Innocent Shaheed Sana Ullah......

Geo should think before Generating these kind of News at-least at the time of situation like Saheed Sana Ullah....We must raise our concerns at least on Social Media Effectively..

see the link and want you all to comment on their website for Protest!




I did my part a little bit, now it's your turn!
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Remember GEW has a lot of shares of India and there is no doubt that some how controlled from Raiwind !!

I prefer not even watching any program from Gew ..

The best way to deal with such biased and propaganda channel is to Boycott it completely !!


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Geo TV has its commercial interest in indian entertainment industry .. that's why it promotes bollywood etc