1. Q

    Kids Views on Terrorism

    Dear All, AOA, My kids made their first video, and I feel proud of their effort because it is for a cause, they drafted and recorded on their own masha Allah. Kindly have a look, If you can comment on youtube/dailymotion page it will be highly appreciated, because they look at it every day...
  2. F

    Marvi Sarmad May Not Be All Innocent- Watch her history with Ulama

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  3. Z

    12th June-World Day Against Child Labour- Child Labourers Share Their Big Dreams in Life

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  4. Amna Rizvi

    Whistle Blower Released TONS of secret drone documents! Leak is bigger than Edward Snowdens!

    Documents are in too much detail. Still going over them! Some highlights include the obvious. Pakistan Army fully cooperates (and denies in public. Liars). Many innocents die, drone operators fire blindly many times All those killed are labeled as Enemy combatants unless proven otherwise etc...
  5. H

    Another Dark Day- Cries of the innocent

    I woke up feeling grateful and positive but the news of the terrorist attack on the School in Peshawar has left me gutted. I am speaking not just for myself but for any sane person when I condemn the killings of innocent school children in Peshawar in the strongest possible way. The terrorists...
  6. Amna Rizvi

    How Raymond Davis was pardoned & released. Shameful role of General Pasha in entire episode

    A tweet from @ArifAlvi forced me to read this! Very shameful indeed A must read in NY Times. How Raymond Davis was pardoned & released. Shameful role of General Pasha in entire episode. via @ArifAlvi (PTI) It's a big article, link above, I am only pasting some...
  7. R

    What Geo News is up for????

    See how Geo News is projecting Indian Entertainment Industry and their Entertainment of Killing Innocent Shaheed Sana Ullah...... Geo should think before Generating these kind of News at-least at the time of situation like Saheed Sana Ullah....We must raise our concerns at least on Social Media...
  8. S

    Innocent Donkey from Karachi Lockedup in Qasoor Police Station

  9. Ammad Hafeez

    Current Judiciary declares MQM 'Innocent' in 12th May case : Haider Abbas Rizvi

    That was the Program Express Front Line: MQM In Punjab Part1 Express Front Line: MQM In Punjab Part 2 [/h]
  10. S

    'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh, explains why his son is an innocent victim of America's 'war o

    America's 'detainee 001' – the persecution of John Walker Lindh Frank Lindh, father of 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh, explains why his son is an innocent victim of America's 'war on terror' John Walker Lindh following his capture by US troops in December 2001. Photograph: Getty...
  11. mohib

    Tribunal report termed Bhutto innocent

    Dunya News got hold of report which had been kept secret for 36 years. This report was prepared under Justice Shafi-ur-Rehman, which said there was no proof found against Zulfiqar Al Bhutto in Nawab Ahmed Khan murder case. The full bench of the Supreme Court will begin hearing in Bhutto...
  12. Tilloo

    Beware of 'Innocent' faces

  13. M

    Dead Horse ' voice : Another innocent victim of Raymond Davis

    Is he a dead horse or loser? decide yourself.
  14. shiningstar

    Wali Khan Babar Murder [All Threads Merged]

    This is brutality.................
  15. A

    Chilean prosecutors drop charges against innocent Saif!!! Prosecutor Alejandro Pea on Wednesday (1st December, 2010) asked a court “not to persevere” against Saif Khan who was falsely accused in May. Pea said that having practiced the “investigative procedures” in the case “not enough evidence was found for an...
  16. A

    How a Pakistani student Saif ur Rehman was framed in Chile

    Part1 Part 2 Part3 Stand by truth and justice. Support your Pakistani brother in this time of need. Visit the blog created by his friends and family - Join his Facebook group: Create awareness. Discrimination...